Valentine's Day HTML Project
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What is Valentine's Day?
The Real Story Behind Valentine's DayWhat Valentine's Day means to me:
Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day is not entirely a fabrication of Hallmark Cards. The holiday could date back to the ancient Roman feast of Lupercalia. On the eve of the festival, the Roman girls were whipped with strips of animal hide to increase their fertility and then raffled off to the boys in a primitive game of Bingo, who would keep their randomly designated partner as a sweetheart for that year. The holiday became known as Valentine's Day in honor of Saint Valentine, who was, remarkably, a male. Men have never forgiven St. Valentine for condemning them to an eternity of annual stuffed animal purchases. Emperor Claudious, a foolish and polygamous fellow, had forbidden marriage in the Roman empire, but Valentine, a priest, defiantly offered drive-thru nuptials. In a very romantic ceremony on the 14th of February, they chopped his head off. Valentine got his revenge, however, because Claudious died from a poison enema administered by Agrippinilla, one of his wives.Valentine's Day for me, is just another day. However, I do see how some people are bitter on this day, especially if they are single :) It can seem like the whole day is just so people can spends tons of money on flowers, candy, etc.

What I planned to do but actually did on Valentine's Day
PriorityPlanBackup Plan/What happened
1Take a long romantic walk on the beachSince it's cold, and I'm single, I'm sittin' at home
2Go watch a movieWell, all the movies playing now are 'lovey dovey' movies, so bleh!
3Surprise my would-be Valentine at her houseShe wasn't home & she didn't answer her phone :/
4Go out and spend the day with significant otherI went to my friend's Adam house and we played Sony Playstation together :)
5Tonight is the big party that I'm helping hosting
Check it out!