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Music has been around for centuries, but only the last few decades will be mentioned below.
Below is a short list of  popular artists from the last 20 years. 
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Boy George & The Culture Club Depeche Mode  The Pet Shop Boys and of course Madonna
"Do you really want to hurt me?" They are still going strong They also just released another album She will always turn out hits
Bon Jovi Guns & Roses Metallica Milli Vanilli
Long haired rock..... and Still rocking Spitsville Still Alive Hahaha
Michael Jackson Janet Jackson New Kids on the Block Mariah Carey
The King of Pop ...and his sister, two true icon's of music The FIRST boy-band :) Still breaking out the hits
Nirvana Pearl Jam
Seatle Grunge... ...the turning point
Dr. Dre Notorious BIG Puffy Snoop Dogg
Gansta' style RIP Biggie All the trouble and still livin' it up Doggystyle
2000 & Beyond
98 Degrees N'sync Backsteet Boys Christina Aguilera
Sigh.... ...Boy... ...Bands The next Mariah?
More Pop
Britnany Spears Jennifer Lopez ATC Destiny's Child
No Comment J.Lo La La La La La Current Members
RapRock & Rap
Limp Bizkut Rage Against the Machine Eminem DMX

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