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Team Metro Links

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        Mail Order Companies
California R/C
They have great prices and check out their Monthly Specials!
Hobby Etc
The official, and official distributer of GPM Aluminum Alloy Parts. Hello Frank!
Hobby Shack
Good Prices, great reference site.
Sheldons Hobbies
One of the few places you can mail-order a GM ESC.
Tower Hobbies
One of The Largest Mail Order Store, they have great offers.


Tamiya Arguably the biggest and most popular model manufacturers in the world.

HPI Racing Manufacturer of the fine RS4 Family of Racers.  Great site, updated  daily!! Hello Frank!

Team Associated The makers of one of the most anticipated cars: TC3
Alpha & Omega Racing Products, Inc Makers of great motors & batteries.
AstroFlight They make affordable - quality chargers.
Andy's They make the most popular racing body -- the Stratus.
Bolink Recently have made great attempts entering Touring Car racket.
BRP They make spoilers for R/C bodies.
Team CRC Frank Calandra's Racing products & FSR
Cross One of the finest manufacturers of option parts.
Dahm's They make racing bodies...They look awkward, but I hear they work?
WS Deans Speed Jig, Black Box 2, Ultra Plugs: They make them all!
Duratrax Great products for those new to the hobby.
Elite Speed Products Makers of reliable batteries and motors.
Futaba One of the largest radio equipment manufacturers.
GM Racing They offer  good ESCs like the GM-V12. Hello Todd!
GTP Japan Importers-- They carry Pit Shimizu.
Hitec / RCD  They make high quality servos and radios at great prices.  Hello Mike!
Integy Distributors/Manufacturer of Tops, Eagle, Indi, XIPP and Integy Electronics.
JR Propo Makers of the Python.  They offer a variety of radio & accessories
Kawada They also make the SV-10.  Great new USA distributor
Keyence High Tech One of Japan's most popular ESC manufacturers.
Kimbrough They make the best servo savers on the market.
Kose Another fine aftermarket part manufacturer.
Novak ESCs & Rxs.
Parma Racing Bodies and paints.
Robinson Most popular for their gears and reliable parts
Team Maxtec Batteries/Motors.
ProLine / Protoform Great looking quality racing bodies.
! Pro-Line Racing Official Web Site ! Their newest site.
KO Propo One of Japans popular radio manufacturer.
Trinity Home of the beloved(& infamous?) Tech Talk site.
Team Orion HPI's other company.
Tekin ESCs
Yokomo Japan They make the awesome (affordable) MR4TC.
Yokomo US Not Jokomo, they make new cars almost every month, but their website hasn't changed in months (years?).
Xipp -Now with Integy
Tips/Setups on R/C cars
RC Touring Car & Formula Racing
Be sure to bookmark this site, it contains MANY useful tips on everything related to Touring Car Racing!  One of the best tech sites I know.
Tamiya TA03 Resource Page 03 Page
TA03F 03 Page
This SITE HAS NUMEROUS Pictures from THIS site as well as another site WITHOUT giving PROPER Credit.  Oh well.
ESC Comparison Guide
A pretty good guide to ESCs.
RS4 Central: Frank's HPI RS4 Compendium
HPI's webmaster, Frank Mckinney's homepage! We helped each other out with webmaster experience! =)
DrDiff's HPI RS4 Page
R/C Monster Truck Resource I have no experience with Monster trucks, but this site is amazing!
National Sanctioning
Magazine Publications
Radio Control Car Action
Xtreme R/C
RC Car magazine
Hobby Stores That I Frequently Visit
The R/C Hobby Shop My Local LHS! Hey Al!
Willis Hobbies A bit further LHS.
East Coast Hobbies My Brooklyn Hobby Store.
Bruckner Hobbies One of NY's most popular store.  Hello Tom Sr.& Jr.!
It's a German game that is pretty good practice for R/C.  Now if I can only hook up my R/C controller to the computer....
And it's addicting!