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                                   "Team Metro David Jun Tribute Page"
                  By Nelson L
                                                            . UPDATED!
Browsing throughout the internet I was disappointed that I could not find any page about or dedicated to  David Jun.   Dave Jun,  one of the most recognizable driver to any R/C racer, became extremely popular among others by winning a series of National Championships with a Tamiya car in 1997.  Hobbyist around the world were shocked and amazed that the TA03 Pro ( Tamiya Part No. 58177 ) has become a serious race machine.  His credits include:  1997 ROAR Champion, 1997 NORRCA Champion, 1997 Tamiya Championship Series ( TCS ) Champion.  His clever tinkering to his TA03F Pro played a major part in his victories.  One of the most popular modification, the cutting away of the rear gear box to mount a reciever has virtually become a standard ritual to any TA03F owner.   His car, with the trademark Novak "N", Agip, and Larini decals, along with a trimmed bumper, cut-out rear gear box, shaved rear stabilizer bar brace, and numerous Tamiya and Corss Hop Ups, is unique and inspiring.  Tamiya, recognizing the success of David, began producing a kit that included many of the hop-ups David used in his championships. The kit, ( Tamiya Part No. 58200 ) is produced in limited quantities and has become a very popular car in races across the world.

His Setups From Past Races

1998 ROAR On-Road Nationals
ProLine S3 Peak 10 x 2 Novak Cyclone
1997 ROAR On-Road Nationals
ProLine Peak 11 x 2 Novak Cyclone

Novak Cyclone Scooter's hand wound Trinity Ex-Tech 1700 Futaba S9402 Futaba FP-R113F Tamiya Type B
Shocks Front/Rear: Single Hole Pistons, 80WT Oil, and Blue Springs.
Front Toe: 1 Deg. Out
Caster: 3 Deg. Neg.
Camber Front/Rear: 2 Deg. Neg.
Swaybars Front/Rear: Yellow  / Red.
Source: RCCA Touring Car Special 1998

David, now regarded to many as the Tamiya Icon of champions, offers  tips and setups at

The Rain Did us in that day, ugh, would have been a better picture if we were dry!

He also wrote a 4 Page article in RCCA Touring Car Special in Fall 1997 entitled " How to Drive Like a Pro".  After studying his article, I went on to win 2 1st place trophies at my local races. We, Team Metro, had the pleasure of meeting David at a recent rained-out TCS in April.  He is one of the most kind and respectful people I have ever met.  He stayed with us after everyone left to chat and he gave us T-Shirts, Hats, and Tamiya Guidebooks and signed them all.  He signed all of our Tamiya car bodies, I am proud and honored to show others that I have met Mr. Jun.  We took some pictures with him, you can see below and we each carry a copy of it in our toolboxes
Drive Fair, Drive to win, and Drive with a smile.

On April 18, 1999, the anual TCS was in town.  Again it was held by John Brown, in Staten Island.  This year, David went to Ray's American Raceway in Englishtown,  NJ, to race.  He brought along his now famous "dual belt Tamiya prototype".  On his first qualifier, David set a new track record of 26 laps.  I got to watch the remainder of his qualifiers and now I definately know why he is a national champion.  After his heats, he was kind enough to let us take a peak at his car.  I would have taken pictures, but it is only fair to David and Tamiya that I didn't.  The next day, at the TCS, there were at least 70 participants and all of them had fun. David made sure that everyone would go home with a smile.  When the others that were in charge of running the race put things away, he handed out Tamiya T-Shirts, Pins, Decals, and Catalogs.
David is often in Trinity's Tech Talk giving tips in the TA03 thread hosted by "Prost".
I also got the chance to meet David in March at the Hobby Show in PA.

Here is a picture I took with David at the Hobby Show at PA, he kindly signed this photo for me at the TCS.

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